Q&A with Jason Preston of Eat Sleep Publish

February 13, 2009

Jason Preston of Eat Sleep Publish is a very busy guy who’s at the forefront of the discussion about the future of publishing in Seattle. He is also the New Media Manager at Parnassus Group, the folks responsible for the legendary “It Won’t Stay In Vegas” blogger parties at CES.

Jason recently he took some time out from planning his next big live event, “The Pitch” to talk to us about his experience of watching TV on the PC. Like many journalists and bloggers, TV is a key source of information for  Jason’s work.

Tell us about Eat Sleep Publish – what prompted you to start the blog?

I’ve had an interest in publishing for a long time, actually. It probably dates back to 1995, when I started subscribing to PC Gamer Magazine (I still subscribe), and I think that watching most of the publishing industry flail about looking for a business model when there were so many options to explore led me to try and create a forum for that discussion. I figured that if I weren’t in a position to try innovating at a newspaper or a magazine, there was a chance that I could at least help make the conversation noticeable to the people who were.

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Janet Lee at UC Berkeley Wins Digital Dorm Room Makeover

February 4, 2009


Up until last week, UC Berkeley sophomore Janet Lee’s television experience consisted of a single TV shared by over 15 other students in the common room of her boarding house. Not exactly an ideal scenario, but a common one that many humble college students can relate to. Janet loves to keep up with pop culture news and can’t miss an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Janet was one of three lucky winners across the country who participated in Microsoft’s Digital Dorm Room contest – part of a larger multi-stop tour last Fall that visited 13 universities Fall  during the back-to-school season. Janet is the first winner that has been announced – stay tuned for updates on the other two.

Our winner now is enjoying a brand new TV experience in her bedroom. She’s got a 42-inch HDTV, Xbox 360 console and a Zune media player – all based around a Windows Media Center PC. Needless to say, Janet won’t be competing over the TV with her 15 housemates, and is already putting her avid DVR skills to use in Windows Media Center.

“I really hope it doesn’t stop me from studying. Any excuse at all not to do your homework is readily used,” Janet said.

Yeah, we get Janet’s concern… TV is a perfect excise to not do homework! Maybe the next generation of interactive TV will literally “eat” you homework.