Case Study: Heading straight to the PC for TV

May 6, 2009

plug1As we’ve noted in the past,  several people are choosing to head straight to the PC for their TV content.  By now, you’re understanding the hype.

StreamingMedia also reported on this topic and chose to highlight two different people who are now relying solely on online video for their news and entertainment.  We thought their stories, albeit different, were compelling and extremely relate-able.  Here is what they had to say:

Kimberly, is a young medical student, which due to her busy schedule, was not able to frequently catch her favorite shows on TV. Here she further notes why she prefers TV on the PC:

She simply finds that online TV fits her life better. She can see the few programs she enjoys whenever she wants. While she’s considered getting a Netflix account, enough of her friends have one that it satisfies her need for occasional movies. Several of her friends have also made the switch to solely streaming video, and she thinks that young people are more willing to give up regular TV.

The second person interviewed is Luis, a family man looking for a cheap way to watch TV on his terms, turned to watching TV on the PC.  Once his family chose to go online-video only, he noted that the added effort to find streamed content encouraged his kids to watch less television and be more active, where as before they could just sit on the couch, turn on the TV and be tuned out. Here is what Luis had to say about his experiences watching TV on the PC:

“I don’t really plan on going back (to be a TV subscriber). If we did, it wouldn’t be for me; it would probably come from either my kids or my wife, but they seem fine, too…”

To further elaborate on the growing trend of watching TV on the PC, The Bulletin, a local Oregonian paper, noted a good stat:

  • Forrester Research released a report in January noting that while cable and satellite providers reach roughly 100 million homes in the U.S., computer-based television viewing is growing, driven largely by adults ages 18 to 34 who like to watch content when and where they choose.

What do you think? Now that we’ve shared the story of Kimberly and Luis, now let’s hear your story. Are you watching more TV on the PC? Busy schedule, finances?

Photo courtesy of The Bulletin


Trendspotting: TV is still the king

March 30, 2009

66757-cosmictvmThis week, we found an interesting article from MediaWeek that discusses how even though new media devices are big and becoming more popular in our digital world, the television is still dominating the home.

Despite this key takeaway, there are several interesting points that emphasize the increasing use of online video, DVR and Internet TV:

  • The computer has replaced the radio as the No. 2 media activity, behind television
  • Digital boomers spend 9.5 hours with all four screens (TV, computer, mobile and out-of-home) compared to 8.5 hours for all other age groups.
  • The average adult spent 309.1 minutes watching live TV and only 14.6 minutes playing back programming via DVR. DVD use was higher at 22.9 minutes

Even though the radio and the computer have a fairly similar reach, on average people spend about 2 hours and 33 minutes on the computer – almost an hour longer than the radio. We wonder if this shift will change drastically as more options are made available? On the flip side, we’re also seeing cable and satellite companies offer interactive service, which will make the television set even that more appealing. As the article notes, this shift may be dependent on generations as their consumption is often loosely based on their day-to-day habits.

I often wonder why some people prefer one device over another. The New Jersey Business News also wrote an article discussing this similar subject and noted that for the following reasons, people are choosing to watch TV over any other device…

…partly due to the drawbacks of online video. Watching video on a PC isn’t as comfortable as watching TV while relaxing on a couch. And the quality of Internet video, while improving, still isn’t as good.

What do you think? Will TV continue to be the number one source of media consumption or will this trend slowly change?

If you are strongly for or against traditional TV, what are your reasons?

(photo courtesy of MediaWeek)

Introducing Teammate No. 5 – Jeff Clark

March 10, 2009

jeffhead1 Many have said that when it comes to loyalty, Celtic fans are at the top of their league. They are devoted, advocates and have begun to use the blogosphere to share their love of the team to an ever wider audience. Leading the pack is Jeff Clark, blogger and manager of the CelticsBlog, a site that is created by fans for fans and provides all news, stats, schedule and inside info into the life of the Celtics.

Jeff took some time to chat with us about his devotion of the game and how even through thick and thin, he’s remained a loyal Celtics fan to the end.

Why did you start blogging about the Celtics?

When I moved out of the Boston area, I wanted a place to talk about the Celtics with other Celtics fans. I started out on message boards and moved to blogging when blogs were first gaining popularity. Here’s an interview I did a while back that goes through some of the history.

It’s been a wild ride for the Celtics the last couple of years – going from being one of the worst teams in the league to trading for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen who successfully teamed with Paul Pierce to win another championship. Boston fans are passionate about their sports, and with that said, how did the Celtics’ return to glory affect traffic on your Blog? Are people engaging more or less than in years past?

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Trendspotting: Internet TV

March 9, 2009

tv2-pr09A top trend I’ve seen this week is Internet TV and how consumers are utilizing their computers as substitutes for their television sets. What’s nice about this feature is the convenience of a portable computer, which would allow you to access your content from multiple points in the house!

Engadget covered a report from Parks Associate, “From Boob Tube to YouTube: Consumers and TVs,” which found the following:

  • Consumers are taking a large interest in technology features such as VOD access and widget services
  • Over 33% of U.S. broadband households show strong interest in Web-enhanced features for connected TVs and set-tops

It seems regardless of how our economy is doing, with entertainment and technology companies producing cutting-edge products and enhancing current features, consumers just can’t pass up the opportunity! Do you agree? Do you find that features such as news and information widgets and Internet TV applications really enhance your overall television experience?

I think an even more important question is- Where is this all going? What else do you foresee in the world of digital media?

The Sports Channel buzz!

March 5, 2009

sports-channel-4As you know, today Microsoft launched the “Sports Channel” application for Windows Media Center. It’s a great feature as you can watch coverage and get information and stats for all your favorite players. It’s fun, interactive and another way Microsoft is gearing toward providing the content we want!

From our launch today, we’ve received some extremely positive coverage from  Greg Sandoval of CNET News , Jason Chen of Gizmodo, Ian Dixon of The Digital Lifestyle, Arlen Schweiger of Electronic House and Dave Freeman of Crunch Gear.

From these articles, we have received great feedback from bloggers saying things such as:

God I love Media Center. It has seriously improved over the last couple of years. If this is anywhere near as cool as the Olympics app they have a winner here


“I never really used media center until recently. It’s kind of cool, I’m glad there are new add ons coming.”

We hope you enjoy the sports channel and find it a helpful and intriguing way to access and enjoy your sports content. And what better way to personalize your content than right around March Madness? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the channel. Any feedback is welcome post here, tweet us or you can use  plain-old email us at

POLL: How did you watch the Inauguration on your PC?

January 20, 2009

The Web offered us a plethora of viewing choices today as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. Which one(s) did you use?

Enrique Rodriguez: Microsoft’s Vision for Connected TV

January 16, 2009

Yesterday we posted a video of Enrique Rodriguez, Corporate VP of the Connected TV Business Group at Microsoft, sharing his thoughts on the future of television. We wanted to share another video of Enrique discussing Microsoft’s vision for connected TV and what the future might look like.

See more videos of Microsoft Connected TV.