Get in the Game with the Sports Channel for Windows Media Center!

March 5, 2009

sports-channel-finalBy now you’ve probably seen that we’re working with various sports bloggers who’ve weighed in on their TV-viewing preferences and the TV on Your PC movement. You may have also been wondering what we’ve got up our sleeves.

Well, have we got news for you…Going live today in time for the Men’s College Basketball Tournament later this month, the new Sports Channel for Windows Media Center offers a wide range of sports coverage from, Fox Sports, and more – all in one place. The Sports Channel features breaking sports news, interviews of your favorite players, the option to track your fantasy sports teams, and more, with joining the ranks as a fresh content addition to Windows Media Center.

If you’re connected to the internet, simply launch Windows Media Center on a PC or laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate, scroll down to Sports, and click on the Sports Channel tile to start tapping into programming from all of the aforementioned sites. Easy as pie 🙂

As you’re gearing up for the upcoming Men’s College Basketball Tournament, make sure to check out the Sports Channel’s “College Hoops” feature to get everything you need for your tournament games in March and April using Windows Media Center. Here’s what you’ll get:

Watch complete games in condensed form shortly after the games are completed. (Condensed  form means you get all the game action without timeouts, half time, ball retrieval, etc.)
– Watch marquee games in the first two rounds, then view all the games after that through to the championship game

Game Highlights (1-2 min)
– Highlights from every tournament game (63 games total)
Post Game Interviews (1-2 min)
– Post game interviews as available

Buzzer Beaters (2-10 min)
– Last few minutes plus of select games with great finishes

Best of all, this particular effort is just the latest in a line of content investments and applications in Windows Media Center aimed at providing new and easier ways for people (you!) to find and access compelling content. The Sports Channel joins the NBC Olympics on the Go service and the MSNBC News beta (now out of beta) which both went live last year.

Boot up your PC, click on the green button to explore the Sports Channel and tell us what you think!


What Matters to You the Most in the News Today?

December 24, 2008

As promised, here are some interviews the TV on Your PC team conducted with local bloggers and media in the Seattle area. The interviews were conducted at a media roundtable dubbed “The Pitch” at Lucid in the University District of Seattle a couple of weeks ago.

We spoke with bloggers from Seattlest, the Beacon Hill Blog, Eat Sleep Publish, Capitol Hill Seattle,, and


Mobile news, digital snooping, and winter art

December 23, 2008

Megan Taylor’s been cleaning up her hard drive, and she found a swell essay she wrote months ago on getting your news via mobile:

What kind of content might one want to see on a phone?

Weather and traffic alerts, events, and big, huge, breaking news. Seriously, the feature article can wait till I get home. But if a criminal is running around my neighborhood with a gun, I’d like to know, ASAP.

What about multimedia? I don’t see myself using my phone to go through a complex multimedia package. A video or slideshow, maybe, if I’m really interested. But phones are about “right now” communication. That should be reflected in how news companies approach them.

She goes on to ask several journalists how they get their news when they’re on the go. It’s an interesting read.

Jason Preston expresses irritation at journalists who use social media for research, but don’t publicly participate in it themselves. The practice is, in his words, “creepy”.

Participation is the number one ingredient for getting value from new social media tools. And if people find out that you’re logged in and poking around (in other words, the digital equivalent of wandering around in people’s back yards and looking through the windows), they’re not going to be too quick to invite you into their home.

Meanwhile, Teresa Valdez Klein got a couple of glasses of wine in her and decided to turn a frozen apartment swimming pool into some winter magic. Lovely!

Some WMC Love!

December 10, 2008

Wanted to highlight a recent post by Charles Sumpter of A Leader in the Making. Charles is one of our participating bloggers and recently used Windows Media Center and the MSNBC portal for the first time.

As a political enthusiast, Charles found the portal as a great tool to search for shows and clips related to his interests!

Furthermore, if you are like me, you like having everything at your finger tips, fast and easy. With WMC, you can do just that. There you can watch your favorite TV clips, watch the latest movie coming attractions (Great!, listen to music and see what’s going on in your neighborhood and around the world. What I also like about WMC is that its very intuitive. For someone who has never used a system quite like it, I was able to navigate through it with ease. It is so interactive and im my opinion represents the wave of future in how we view and transfer information.

Thanks Charles! We’re glad you’ve had a great experience thus far. Keep us posted =)

News Check: Secretary of State Clinton

December 3, 2008

We’re asking people about hot news stories they’re following and then finding video coverage on Windows Media Center.

Tell us what you think! And if you want, leave a comment and tell us what news YOU’RE following — maybe we’ll make one for your top story!