What would you do with a lot of time?

March 6, 2009

We have to ask, what would you do with a ton of free time on your hands? Write a script? Train for a marathon?

How about creating the World’s LARGEST Windows Media Center Remote? That’s right! A very big Windows  Media Center fan took the time to make his entertainment viewing that much bigger and better! Check it out…


News Check: Gaza, Top Movies

January 6, 2009

What’s your top story?

Give your blog a makeover, MSNBC style

January 5, 2009


If you’re a fan of the MSNBC News portal on Windows Media Center, you’re doubtless aware of the sharp visual style of the MSNBC.com website.* One thing that’s particularly appealing is the way that stories are grouped by category, a design that (judging from the search engine traffic we’re seeing on this blog) some bloggers might like to implement on their own sites.

If you use WordPress, here are a couple of ways you can make that happen:

And if you enjoy getting your news from MSNBC.com and you run Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate, check out the MSNBC portal on Windows Media Center. Here are some videos of the portal in action.

*Props to Jim Ray

What Matters to You the Most in the News Today?

December 24, 2008

As promised, here are some interviews the TV on Your PC team conducted with local bloggers and media in the Seattle area. The interviews were conducted at a media roundtable dubbed “The Pitch” at Lucid in the University District of Seattle a couple of weeks ago.

We spoke with bloggers from Seattlest, the Beacon Hill Blog, Eat Sleep Publish, Capitol Hill Seattle, Quadhome.com, and Sn0tty.com.


A Successful “Pitch!”

December 12, 2008

The Windows Media Center team attended our first community event since the launch of the TV On Your PC blog, and we were enlightened and happy that we got to listen to the community’s thoughts on the ever-changing media landscape, get an opportunity to meet so many of you and show what Windows Media Center and the MSNBC News beta is all about. Below are some pictures that we wanted to share (courtesy of Jason Preston at Eat Sleep Publish). Enjoy!