News Check: Secretary of State Clinton

December 3, 2008

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Three views of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton

December 3, 2008

Right now there’s a lot of spirited discussion at Jack & Jill Politics about Hillary Clinton’s appointment to the post of Secretary of State.

Jack Turner (Baratunde Thurston) wrote in Booman On Obama’s National Security Team: The Kiddie Table:

In part because I’m tired of fighting and in part because I did vote and campaign for the man, so I should trust his judgment, I’ve been laying low on the “oh-my-God-the-Clintons-are-back” reactions. I’m practicing being quiet and cool for a minute. If Booman and others are correct, Obama has isolated many of his most potentially dangerous critics and bought himself some wiggle room. What he does with that room still bears close scrutiny, but I’m willing to give the man some time before declaring the sky fallen.

On the same day Jill Tubman (Cheryl Contee) wrote Clinton, Obama and Kumbaya – I Don’t Think So:

The bottom line though is that this kumbaya ain’t likely to last. It’s been a mighty long time since Mrs. Clinton has had a boss. She and Obama have significant differences in opinion around foreign policy — for example, he always thought the Iraq war was a bad idea and she not only supported it, but has basically said that the idea wasn’t bad, just poorly executed.

To which dNa responded with Thoughts On The Clinton Appointment:

Hillary and Obama dealt with different kinds of prejudice, but they are really the only two people on earth who have even a remote idea of what the other faced. And I think that counts for a lot. They may not like each other, but for that reason I think they trust each other. As for Bill, well I can’t speak to that.