Trendspotting- Online Video Momentum

February 25, 2009

Anyone who has browsed through the Internet or flipped on a TV channel knows that a current hot topic  is online video and connected entertainment.

Through entertain integration, consumers are no longer having to choose between their TV or their PC as they can rely on both to  access and enjoy their same entertainment content.

InformationWeek posted an interesting article, in which they note a study from Knowledge Networks that shows that online-video sites such as Hulu, have tripled in the last 2 years and now reach 28 % of Internet users ages 13 to 54. That’s a large age range, but it would be interesting to know the specific details on age, gender and region.

Interestingly enough, the article also notes that a majority of online video users (87 %), rely on these sites to watch current shows while 40 % use the sites to watch last season’s episodes. I have to wonder then, do those 40 % of viewers who watch old content rely on the TV to watch the shows on live time?

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Watching TV on your PC can save you money too.

January 30, 2009


Good Morning America aired a great segment “Cancel Your Cable Bill, Still Watch Great TV” on getting all of your TV content through your computer rather than a cable service in order to save money. Click here to read the piece and watch the segment.

Windows Media Center was featured as one of the options out that Debra and Mervin James  (“the pioneers of Home entertainment”) use to get their TV content they love.

One thing we want to emphasize is that the majority of the 180 million Windows Vista licenses include Windows Media Center, which gives you the capability to get all of your TV content from your PC. No need to buy a new computer!

Like Debra and Mervin, you can also buy a TV tuner to receive digital broadcast channels,  this turns your computer on a powerful DVR. You can record programs up to two weeks in advance.

With more people trying to find ways to pinch their pennies, this is an easy to way get your TV content and quickly save on cable bills.

If you are a pioneer of home entertainment like Debra and Mervin, share your story here or send us your story at We’d love to hear from you!