Windows Media Center at CES 2009

January 8, 2009

As promised, here’s a heads-up on the latest announcements for Windows Media Center at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). They include enhancements to Windows Media Center in the forthcoming release of Windows 7, momentum updates and new partner offerings. Additional info, photos and more on Windows Media Center at CES 2009 can be found at Microsoft’s CES Virtual Press Room.

First, check out this new video that was just released, which sums up the “Evolution of Windows Media Center” – past, present and future.

Windows 7 brings new enhancements
Windows 7 includes a number of enhancements for Windows Media Center, including the new Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which gives you all of your internet TV in one place. Running Windows Media Center in Windows 7 on an HP TouchSmart touch screen PC gives you more ways to interact with your content through features such as Turbo Scroll.

Toshiba integrates Windows Media Center extenders
Toshiba announced that it will integrate extenders for Window Media Center technology into a series of TVs, LCD/DVD combo products and standalone network players, along with the “Widget Channel” backed by Intel and Yahoo! Read the press release here.

10 million users can’t be wrong
Nearly 10 million unique users are regularly using Windows Media Center in any given month. Each session is averaging nearly 90 minutes – that’s a huge number when you compare it to other Internet-based TV applications and far exceeds the traditional “snacking” of online content.

Windows Media Center was a key focus of the entertainment and Connected TV message for Windows 7 during Wednesday’s Keynote. In case you missed out on the keynote, you can read or watch it in its entirety.



Getting Ready for the Show (aka CES 2009)

January 2, 2009

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the time off. Many members of the Windows Media Center team are getting ready to pack their bags and head down to Las Vegas next week for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place Jan. 8-10, 2009. We’re getting ready to prepare our announcements for all things Windows Media Center, and while we can’t reveal the details quite yet, we will be sure to keep you posted when it’s the right time. We promise it’ll be sooner rather than later. 🙂