Talkin’ Sports with a Baseball Enthusiast

March 26, 2009


Paul Greco loves baseball and sports. He loves it so much that not only does he own Gotham Sports Media, he is the Associate Editor at Baseball Digest and recently created FantasyPros911. Paul uses these sites to write and chat about Baseball (both real and fantasy). Knowing the popularity of multimedia, Paul uses YouTube and BlogTalkRadio to provide videos and audio clips on his site to give his viewers the ultimate baseball experience.

Tell us a bit about your background in sports blogging.

In May of 2006 I become a partner of Gotham Sports Media, which covers the Mets and Yankees. After discussing what my role might be with the company, I brought up to my partners the fact that Fantasy Baseball was a big part of the baseball community and was a niche I’d be good at with my 15 years of experience. With that “The Fantasy Baseball Guy” was born.  I started posting to my blog two to three times a day and working the social media scene to get my name out there within the fantasy community.  After the first six months I saw my traffic increase from 200 readers a day to over 750 readers.

Then in 2008 I joined up with Fantasy Baseball legend Lenny Melnick and we started up  Finally, in January of this year, Lenny and I joined up with Patrick DiCaprio, owner of, and Tony Cincotta to form Now, we have a staff of sixteen writers that produce anywhere from five to 10 articles a day for both our free side and premium content and have grown our customer base to 1,200 unique visitor’s a day. 

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Learning, Sharing and Collaborating at “The Pitch”

March 19, 2009

esp1601Windows Media Center once again hosted “The Pitch”- a local event that brings about bloggers, reporters and news enthusiasts to talk about a common topic: the media!

The event was hosted by Jason Preston of Eat Sleep Publish and created a discussion around new business models for news and new media. The recent restructure of the Seattle PI, definetely makes this a very hot topic among.  Our very own Ben Reed, Senior Product Manager for Windows Media Center at Microsoft, participated in a panel with Hanson Hosein, Director of the Master of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington and local tech blogger and radio host, Brian Westbrook. The three led a discussion around new business models for journalism. Although it wasn’t directly related to the newspapers,  Ben’s statistics on the increase in online video usage  showcased the rapid changes in changes of TV viewing habits.  As newspapers become digital and they beef up their video capabilities, online video will be part of the mix and we foresee that they will face the same monetization questions with vide3367604341_dcbe3f420711o than with print.

Several attendees of The Pitch emphasized the importance and success businesses have when focusing on “customization” and “experience” for the consumer. The discussion often times switched between personalization within devices and then different applications that give consumers the best technology experience they are looking for, these platforms maybe provide the solution to new busienss models to sustain journalism. Hanson reinforced that for any business model, one must incorporate multi-media strategy as statistics and studies prove that we are engaging and living more digitally.

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Trendspotting: Internet TV

March 9, 2009

tv2-pr09A top trend I’ve seen this week is Internet TV and how consumers are utilizing their computers as substitutes for their television sets. What’s nice about this feature is the convenience of a portable computer, which would allow you to access your content from multiple points in the house!

Engadget covered a report from Parks Associate, “From Boob Tube to YouTube: Consumers and TVs,” which found the following:

  • Consumers are taking a large interest in technology features such as VOD access and widget services
  • Over 33% of U.S. broadband households show strong interest in Web-enhanced features for connected TVs and set-tops

It seems regardless of how our economy is doing, with entertainment and technology companies producing cutting-edge products and enhancing current features, consumers just can’t pass up the opportunity! Do you agree? Do you find that features such as news and information widgets and Internet TV applications really enhance your overall television experience?

I think an even more important question is- Where is this all going? What else do you foresee in the world of digital media?

The Sports Channel buzz!

March 5, 2009

sports-channel-4As you know, today Microsoft launched the “Sports Channel” application for Windows Media Center. It’s a great feature as you can watch coverage and get information and stats for all your favorite players. It’s fun, interactive and another way Microsoft is gearing toward providing the content we want!

From our launch today, we’ve received some extremely positive coverage from  Greg Sandoval of CNET News , Jason Chen of Gizmodo, Ian Dixon of The Digital Lifestyle, Arlen Schweiger of Electronic House and Dave Freeman of Crunch Gear.

From these articles, we have received great feedback from bloggers saying things such as:

God I love Media Center. It has seriously improved over the last couple of years. If this is anywhere near as cool as the Olympics app they have a winner here


“I never really used media center until recently. It’s kind of cool, I’m glad there are new add ons coming.”

We hope you enjoy the sports channel and find it a helpful and intriguing way to access and enjoy your sports content. And what better way to personalize your content than right around March Madness? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the channel. Any feedback is welcome post here, tweet us or you can use  plain-old email us at

Trendspotting- Online Video Momentum

February 25, 2009

Anyone who has browsed through the Internet or flipped on a TV channel knows that a current hot topic  is online video and connected entertainment.

Through entertain integration, consumers are no longer having to choose between their TV or their PC as they can rely on both to  access and enjoy their same entertainment content.

InformationWeek posted an interesting article, in which they note a study from Knowledge Networks that shows that online-video sites such as Hulu, have tripled in the last 2 years and now reach 28 % of Internet users ages 13 to 54. That’s a large age range, but it would be interesting to know the specific details on age, gender and region.

Interestingly enough, the article also notes that a majority of online video users (87 %), rely on these sites to watch current shows while 40 % use the sites to watch last season’s episodes. I have to wonder then, do those 40 % of viewers who watch old content rely on the TV to watch the shows on live time?

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Q&A with TV on your PC Teammate- Brandon Worley

February 25, 2009

headshot Brandon Worley is your average sports and hockey enthusiast, who after participating in many blogs, became a contributor to Defending Big D, a Dallas Stars blog in SB Nation. Now, Branden is a member of our TV on your PC Sports Club and is partnering with us to provide insight and a better understanding of how sports fans can better use Windows Media Center.

We chatted with Brandon a bit to learn more about his sports knowledge and interest and how he turned a passion into the voice behind a fast-growing and extremely popular sports blog.

We chatted with Brandon a bit to learn more about his sports knowledge and interest and how he turned a passion into the voice behind a fast-growing and extremely popular sports blog.

Tell us a bit about your background in sports blogging and how it turned into running

It all started in February of 2008. I was a regular reader of the Dallas Cowboys blog Blogging The Boys and the manager there, Dave Halprin, put out a call looking for some guys to help write for his site. I sent in my application and he picked me up. I started writing 4-6 posts a week there and my focus was on writing original, objective analysis and musings on the Dallas Cowboys without letting my fandom interfere with my writing. In the Dallas Cowboys’ world so much is hinged on sensationalism and trying to make the wildest claims possible, I was proud that I became known for my level headed approach to covering the team. Daily traffic nearly tripled and BTB was cited several times across the web by mainstream sports websites. When the site merged with another highly-regarded Dallas Cowboys website, The Blue and Silver Report, Blogging The Boys became one of the most visited and popular team site on the web.

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Calling all sports bloggers: Tell us your story!

January 13, 2009

For the past couple of weeks we have been chatting with sports bloggers and enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their at-home sports viewing experience.

We all know sports and watching games are a huge component of most people’s lives, so we want to know how sports fans are experiencing TV on their computers. From the Super Bowl to Fantasy Sports to March Madness, every person has their unique way of watching and enjoying their favorite sports teams.

If you’re a sports blogger and you are into watching sports on your computer, join us!  Here’s the run-down:

We’d love to start by interviewing you to learn who you are, why you are passionate about sports and learn about your blog. We’ll post your story  on our blog to feature your story and work with our readers.

If  you don’t already use it, we’d like to introduce you to Windows Media Center and learn what you think about it and how you think it can enhance you sports viewing experience

Once you’re up-to-date, we encourage you to watch as many sports on Windows Media Center and share with us, your friends, and favorite sports enthusiasts on your experiences. We are also happy to provide you with a Windows Media Center remote and we can also help you drive some enthusiasm with your readers by partnering with you on developing contests or demos.

Finally, we have some cool sports related applications planned for 2009 that we could loop you in early on, giving you the inner scoop on the special features for sports fans.

To participate, you just need a PC capable of running Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate. If you don’t already have Vista installed on your PC, we can provide you with a copy.

To join us: leave a comment with your information or contact us at