What Matters to You the Most in the News Today?

December 24, 2008

As promised, here are some interviews the TV on Your PC team conducted with local bloggers and media in the Seattle area. The interviews were conducted at a media roundtable dubbed “The Pitch” at Lucid in the University District of Seattle a couple of weeks ago.

We spoke with bloggers from Seattlest, the Beacon Hill Blog, Eat Sleep Publish, Capitol Hill Seattle, Quadhome.com, and Sn0tty.com.



Online video, reader engagement and revenue

December 9, 2008

Two recent posts about online video, a subject of profound interest to us here at the Roundup for obvious reasons:

At Eat Sleep Publish, Jason Preston wrote about a recent study conducted by Forrester called “Watching the Web: How Online Video Engages Audiences” and possible parallels within the publishing industry:

…[F]or the purposes of the study, one hour per week is the gateway to being an “engaged viewer.” And the difference between an engaged viewer and a non-engaged viewer is dramatic.

Engaged viewers, first of all, make up about 40% of all online video customers, and are responsible almost 75% of all web video consumption. These viewers are also twice as likely to recall in-video, pre-roll, and post-roll ads than non-engaged viewers.

…But I’m willing to bet that the statistics on ad effectiveness apply towards other mediums as well. An engaged reader will probably remember a print ad more often than random passers by.

Zachary Seward at Nieman Journalism Lab also wrote about online video; specifically how the use of video at the popular Talking Points Memo blog has helped to spur the site’s growth:

I’m focusing on TPM’s business model in this post and one last Tuesday because I think their steady growth from blogger-with-a-day-job to a profitable, 14-person news organization could have broader implications for journalism on the Internet. TPM Media LLC is a rare news company whose entire business has grown up around the web economy. The site has also found success with online video in ways that outstrip most newspaper sites.