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We put together a team of  sports bloggers to share with Microsoft how they experience TV on their PCs and give feedback on Windows Media Center and understand how sports fans interact with TV on Your PC. This All-Star team will receive access to beta test and help us engage with sports fans to watch TV on your PC.

Check them out:

Michael Bean

Location: Seattle, WA

Blog: Behind the Steel Curtain

Fun Fact: Although Michael loves the Steelers, he lives across the country in Seattle, WA and doesn’t even have Cable TV, but that doesn’t diminish his passion for the Steelers one bit. The tight and dedicated fan community keeps him up at night (literally) while he juggles grad school and jobs in technology communication.

Frank Della Femina

Location: New Jersey


Fun Fact: Frank still watch Penguins games in the traditional, living room atmosphere, though there are times when he will listen in on, a sports radio station located in Pittsburgh, PA, simply because the play-by-play of commentator Mike Lange is so nostalgic.

Eric Hinz

Location: Port Chester, NY

Blog: Fake Teams

Fun Fact: As an active Yankee baseball fan, Eric Hinz uses his knowledge and background in financial analysis toward his fantasy sports blog as he notes the two often predict future performances based on past ones.

Joel Hollingsworth:

Location: Tennessee

Blog: Rocky Top Talk

Fun Fact: Joel is very particular in how he uses his technology devices for sports. He almost never has the television on just to see what’s playing. Instead, he silently records local sports talk radio programming for his team while working in the morning and afternoon, and then listening to the program on his iPod during lunch and on his drive home.

Brandon Worley

Location: Boston, MA

Blog: Defending Big D

Fun Fact: Brandon was a regular reader of the Dallas Cowboys blog Blogging The Boys (BTB) and the manager there, Dave Halprin, put out a call looking for writers and chose Brandon. Things aren’t too shabby for Brandon: Blogging The Boys is now one of the most visited and popular team Web sites on the web.

Ian Thackaberry

Location: Portland, OR

Blog: Thack’s Blazer Blog

Fun Fact: Although Ian is an avid Portland Trailblazers fan, he just began blogging less than six months ago, realizing its many advantages to sharing his love for sports. Now Ian is just getting warmed up, as he has can discuss plays and predictions while sharing them with other fans in a new way.

Rory McGrath

Location: Massachusetts

Blog: Obsessed with Sports

Fun Fact: Rory just graduated from college last year, but has been writing and publishing content since the age of 14. He first got the idea to blog while attending the University of Massachusetts and in that time, he noticed a new subculture of sports fans who enjoyed looking into sports in-depth and went beyond what the industry “leaders” offered.

Sean Yuille

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Blog: and

Fun Fact: Sean is a freshman undergrad at the University of Michigan and watches plenty of TV on his PC in his dorm room. He notes that since his schedule changes so often depending on studying and homework (or whatever else takes priority), it’s nice to set up the DVR on Windows Media Center or simply go on the Internet the next day to watch what he missed. Convenient indeed!

Jeff Clark

Location: Boston, MA

Blog: CelticsBlog

Fun Fact: When the Celtics were really bad two years ago, Jeff’s blog,, was still one of the most popular NBA blogs in the world. The Celtics have won a world championship since then and site traffic has gone up too, but the popularity of blog readership hasn’t hurt Jeff’s blog either.

Jon Woods

Location: Denver, CO

Blog: The Ralphie Report

Fun Fact: Jon broke the story that former University of Oregon football player, Diante Jackson, would be joining the University of Colorado Buffaloes after receiving the news via text message. Jon also had Diante participate in a Ralphie Report Live segment about being his college football experience and how it felt being the #1 recruit prospect for the Buffs.

Paul Greco

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Blog: FantasyPros911

Fun Fact: Paul loves and relies on the DVR and the ability to watch multiple games at once. Although some may find it crazy, for him, watching up to eight games is the most relaxing part of his day. Paul’s also noted that he usually spends 10-12 hours a day on the computer, whether it’s working on his Web sites or listening and watching sporting events.

Picture- TBD Steve Perrin

Location: Long Beach, California

Blog: Clips Nation

Fun Fact: Steve notes that one of his favorite aspects about blogging is the community. Steve’s mentioned that he has active members participating on his blog from all over the world- the UK, Argentina, Peru, Australia, Italy, etc. What’s even cooler is that the only known Clippers fan in all of Sweden is a Citizen of Clips Nation.

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  1. Michael Bean says:

    Still needing submissions for this?

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    Hi Michael, that would great! That way we can develop your story. Thanks!

  3. Torgeson says:

    I agree with you 99% but wonder if you have really looked at the whole picture. DOn’t mean to be critical just food for thought.

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