About TV on Your PC

A lot of us grew up with TV being a one-way communication medium that dictated when we could watch our favorite shows, news and sports events. But now, the Internet amasses a great amount of news, sports and entertainment and more and more people are experiencing TV on their own terms using their computers. Perhaps you are one of them, and if you’re not, that’s cool too — let us know what keeps you attached to your TV.

Windows Media Center

Windows and TV?

Yes, there are lot of services like Hulu and abc.com that are bringing the TV onto your PC and if you have Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate running on your PC, you can try out Windows Media Center (click the Start menu, then click the Green Button at the top). You can watch TV shows, news, viral videos and sports without the need of jumping around different sites to find the content you want.

If you add TV tuner, you can record broadcast shows in high-definition up to two weeks in advance. It‘s like a DVR and a media player, but better.

How to try Windows Media Center.

If you already have Windows Vista (Home Premium or Ultimate)* on your PC, you’re all set to get going. If you downloaded Windows 7 Beta it works too.

Push the green button in the Windows Start menu. That’s all it takes.

Nothing to download, no special configuration.

Once you’ve opened Windows Media Center you can start personalizing your viewing preferences, creating your own playlists for news stories, sports or entertainment.


Click to see this a Demo:

and more help….

Windows Media Center: Features

Windows Help and How-To: Windows Media Center

*(If you’re running Windows XP or earlier, see if your PC can run Windows Vista.)


2 Responses to About TV on Your PC

  1. johnboy says:

    Probably depends on the country you are in… My Windows 7 does not show up any live TV services at all.

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