About Us

We’re members of the Digital Media and Entertainment team at Weber Shandwick, working with a number companies in the digital entertainment space including Microsoft’s Connected TV group which includes the Windows Media Center product. We’re  also bloggers and digital enthusiasts who not only get to work with cool new entertainment experiences, but live them as well.

Our work on Microsoft Connected TV regularly brings us into contact with a lot of industry followers and people passionate about their entertainment experiences, and as you can imagine there are some fascinating perspectives and insights that come to light.

We developed this blog with the idea of engaging people in discussion around the future of TV and the technologies that are helping us get there — we promise not to go too geeky on this one! As you might expect we will be talking a lot about Windows Media Center (did we mention they are our clients?), but the bigger idea is that the TV experience is going through an exciting evolution and we want to hear thoughts from anyone and everyone, most importantly from those of you who may not be so passionate about the technology and instead passionate about the content. After all, we all love to watch TV.

The views expressed on this site are our own or those of the bloggers being quoted, and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of Weber Shandwick or Microsoft.


One Response to About Us

  1. Ray Casey says:

    hello all… Love the concept… If there is anything I can do to participate or help, then let me know. I have been an advocate of this since the early 1990’s and love everything about Media Center and Microsoft.

    Ray Casey
    561 596 1505

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