Case Study: Heading straight to the PC for TV

plug1As we’ve noted in the past,  several people are choosing to head straight to the PC for their TV content.  By now, you’re understanding the hype.

StreamingMedia also reported on this topic and chose to highlight two different people who are now relying solely on online video for their news and entertainment.  We thought their stories, albeit different, were compelling and extremely relate-able.  Here is what they had to say:

Kimberly, is a young medical student, which due to her busy schedule, was not able to frequently catch her favorite shows on TV. Here she further notes why she prefers TV on the PC:

She simply finds that online TV fits her life better. She can see the few programs she enjoys whenever she wants. While she’s considered getting a Netflix account, enough of her friends have one that it satisfies her need for occasional movies. Several of her friends have also made the switch to solely streaming video, and she thinks that young people are more willing to give up regular TV.

The second person interviewed is Luis, a family man looking for a cheap way to watch TV on his terms, turned to watching TV on the PC.  Once his family chose to go online-video only, he noted that the added effort to find streamed content encouraged his kids to watch less television and be more active, where as before they could just sit on the couch, turn on the TV and be tuned out. Here is what Luis had to say about his experiences watching TV on the PC:

“I don’t really plan on going back (to be a TV subscriber). If we did, it wouldn’t be for me; it would probably come from either my kids or my wife, but they seem fine, too…”

To further elaborate on the growing trend of watching TV on the PC, The Bulletin, a local Oregonian paper, noted a good stat:

  • Forrester Research released a report in January noting that while cable and satellite providers reach roughly 100 million homes in the U.S., computer-based television viewing is growing, driven largely by adults ages 18 to 34 who like to watch content when and where they choose.

What do you think? Now that we’ve shared the story of Kimberly and Luis, now let’s hear your story. Are you watching more TV on the PC? Busy schedule, finances?

Photo courtesy of The Bulletin


One Response to Case Study: Heading straight to the PC for TV

  1. Philip says:


    I read a similar report. Perhaps the same one that compared the number of home video watchers to Internet video watchers in the US. Although the number of Internet video watchers continue to lag behind by a large margin, the youth movement continues to grow and head towards free and low cost Internet video/TV each year.

    Add to that… Baby-boomers and older Americans–age 60+, as well as people from all walks of life across the globe are becoming more intrigued with the free Internet content on their computers.

    If I were a betting man, I would bet this trend will explode off the charts at some point. It fits today’s lifestyle, budget, on the go functions, and adds another dimension to traditional TV–Mobility.

    I’ve discovered that teens on up to older adults (even in their 80s) are downloading PC Satellite TV software (or some variation of the term) and non-software live feeds TV networks that streamlines setting up an Internet computer TV instantly. It helps newbies gain access up to 12,000 free TV channels and radio stations, as well as all kinds of videos, movies, music, sports, and more from around the World.

    Technology, as it continues to improve devices that offer more portability and mobility with the Internet, you get a young generation of Internet video/TV watchers with older adults right behind swarming the Net. This is why Satellite/Cable TV networks are now exploring this new trend of Internet video/TV enthusiasts.

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