Opinions from NYC on the Future TV

We found this great video from BusinessWeek that interviewed locals in New York to see what they considered “The Future of Television.”


Interestingly, their answers similarly mirrored that of our TV on your PC “Man on the Street” video that we compiled a few weeks ago.

Everyone from the media to TV junkies are sitting back and watching the evolution of television unfold. Despite the recession, we’re finding that people are no longer just settling for traditional cable as they are choosing to upgrade to more premium services (on-demand, DVR, etc.) People want quality entertainment and most importantly, they want it at their leisure.

With our busy schedules, many viewers don’t have time to watch things at the programmed hour, so with the help of bonus features, watching our favorite shows and series will never be an issue. We’ve seen commentary from people noting that since they’ve made content and entertainment on their terms, they’ve found more time to spend with their families and focus on other things outside of the television.

On the flip side, for some who have chosen to stray away from traditional cable, they have also decided to eliminate the TV altogether and focus all their attention to the computer. People are now choosing to watch their TV on the PC by means of online video sites. What better way to multi-task then to check email, blog and correspond while watching your favorite shows?

To better prove this point, we’ll reference one of our TV on your PC sports club members who noted that…

“Over the last two years the DVR has saved my butt plenty of times, especially when my kids or wife are in the room. There really is nothing like being able to go back and watch what you’ve missed.”

As we see all these new offerings and services becoming available, the evolution of television will never be the same.

Check it out, let us know your thoughts. Do you agree with these predictions? What do you consider to be the future of TV?">


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