Windows What? Windows 7?

By now you’ve probably heard us talk about Windows 7 here and there. You may already be aware that Windows 7 is Microsoft’s next major operating system and the predecessor to Windows Vista. If you weren’t, no need to fret. You can check out the official Windows 7 Web site for a rundown of what it is and what it offers.  Once you do that, be sure to follow them on Twitter for regular updates on Windows 7 @MSWindows.

Back in January, we announced some of the features you could expect in Windows Media Center in Windows 7, such as the new Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which gives you all of your internet TV in one place. To give those of you who haven’t been following these developments an update, and even for those of you that have, below is a quick refresher of what to look forward to in Windows Media Center in Windows 7, as the TV on your PC experience will only get better. These enhancements include the following features:

  • The new Electronic Program Guide (EPG), which gives you internet and broadcast TV in one place. The TV guide automatically fills with Internet TV content when you have a broadband connection and is organized into internet channels for simplified discovery. What this means it that you can instantly find the most popular channels on the start menu or desktop gadget.


  • Choices in how you interact with your PC: Windows Media Center in Windows 7 also delivers choice in how you interact with your PC. Running Windows Media Center in Windows 7 on an HP TouchSmart touch screen PC gives you more ways to interact with your content through features such as Turbo Scroll, where you can navigate TV content with the touch of your finger.
  • The ability to access Windows 7 content almost anywhere with PlayTo: PlayTo allows you to use any Windows 7 PC as a remote control to send pictures, music, and videos to another device such as the Xbox 360 in Media Center Extender Mode,  other Extender, or other device such as the Roku player. For example, a friend brings over a small notebook PC running Windows 7 with vacation photos from vacation, and once they are given access to your wireless network they can right click on their photo album in Windows Explorer and select PlayTo your Xbox 360, the 8” screen instantly becomes the 50” HDTV in your living room.


Be sure to check back with us here forregular updates and details on all things Windows Media Center, including Windows 7 developments, as we’ll be breaking news and announcements down the road.


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