Man on the Street – How do you watch TV?

We recently ventured outside of our cubicles (but couldn’t help filming inside the office too) to ask random passers-by how they watch TV. Is it on the PC? On the TV? What are the reasons behind their preference? See the resulting video montage below.

Not surprisingly, the answers varied greatly among each interviewee but there was a common point that recurred throughout: watching TV on your PC allows you to watch what you want, when you want it. Conversely, the point was made that watching longer length content such as movies (aka a sit-back experience) is more desirable on the TV. This is also something we pointed out not too long ago on our blog.

Do you have a preference for viewing your TV content? What are your reasons? The net is that there isn’t a right answer or justification, and that this discussion is going to get exponentially bigger as we continue to realize the continued convergence of the PC and the traditional TV down the road.


4 Responses to Man on the Street – How do you watch TV?

  1. […] you look at out recent “Man on the Street” video, you’ll notice a common theme: people prefer online content as they can watch their shows […]

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  3. […] TV on your PC posted a video this week that I found quite interesting. ivi TV’s particular interests are bringing the traditional TV experience online and  giving viewers more TV choices including free choices. I in particular feel like cable/live TV, archived TV, and live online TV (soon to be available through ivi) are all complementary aspects of true consumer choice. It’s not a Hulu vs. “real” TV option; we want the right TV for each of many contexts. So, the things about these mini interviews that stood out for me are: […]

  4. […] their answers similarly mirrored that of our TV on your PC “Man on the Street” video that we compiled a few weeks […]

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