Trendspotting: TV is still the king

66757-cosmictvmThis week, we found an interesting article from MediaWeek that discusses how even though new media devices are big and becoming more popular in our digital world, the television is still dominating the home.

Despite this key takeaway, there are several interesting points that emphasize the increasing use of online video, DVR and Internet TV:

  • The computer has replaced the radio as the No. 2 media activity, behind television
  • Digital boomers spend 9.5 hours with all four screens (TV, computer, mobile and out-of-home) compared to 8.5 hours for all other age groups.
  • The average adult spent 309.1 minutes watching live TV and only 14.6 minutes playing back programming via DVR. DVD use was higher at 22.9 minutes

Even though the radio and the computer have a fairly similar reach, on average people spend about 2 hours and 33 minutes on the computer – almost an hour longer than the radio. We wonder if this shift will change drastically as more options are made available? On the flip side, we’re also seeing cable and satellite companies offer interactive service, which will make the television set even that more appealing. As the article notes, this shift may be dependent on generations as their consumption is often loosely based on their day-to-day habits.

I often wonder why some people prefer one device over another. The New Jersey Business News also wrote an article discussing this similar subject and noted that for the following reasons, people are choosing to watch TV over any other device…

…partly due to the drawbacks of online video. Watching video on a PC isn’t as comfortable as watching TV while relaxing on a couch. And the quality of Internet video, while improving, still isn’t as good.

What do you think? Will TV continue to be the number one source of media consumption or will this trend slowly change?

If you are strongly for or against traditional TV, what are your reasons?

(photo courtesy of MediaWeek)


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