Talkin’ Sports with a Baseball Enthusiast


Paul Greco loves baseball and sports. He loves it so much that not only does he own Gotham Sports Media, he is the Associate Editor at Baseball Digest and recently created FantasyPros911. Paul uses these sites to write and chat about Baseball (both real and fantasy). Knowing the popularity of multimedia, Paul uses YouTube and BlogTalkRadio to provide videos and audio clips on his site to give his viewers the ultimate baseball experience.

Tell us a bit about your background in sports blogging.

In May of 2006 I become a partner of Gotham Sports Media, which covers the Mets and Yankees. After discussing what my role might be with the company, I brought up to my partners the fact that Fantasy Baseball was a big part of the baseball community and was a niche I’d be good at with my 15 years of experience. With that “The Fantasy Baseball Guy” was born.  I started posting to my blog two to three times a day and working the social media scene to get my name out there within the fantasy community.  After the first six months I saw my traffic increase from 200 readers a day to over 750 readers.

Then in 2008 I joined up with Fantasy Baseball legend Lenny Melnick and we started up  Finally, in January of this year, Lenny and I joined up with Patrick DiCaprio, owner of, and Tony Cincotta to form Now, we have a staff of sixteen writers that produce anywhere from five to 10 articles a day for both our free side and premium content and have grown our customer base to 1,200 unique visitor’s a day. 

What keeps you going? The readers? The passion? All of the above?

The thing that keeps me going is the responses I get from our customers. When you bust your butt to put out a great product  and you get feedback from the customers on a job well done, that is what really excites me.  There have been many of days where I put in 20 hours to finish and publish a product  and when you get the thumbs up from those that read your stuff you can look back at the time you spent on it and say it was well worth it.

With the continuing evolution of TV on the PC, how has your TV viewing experience changed over time?

It’s changed for the better.  I’m a huge baseball and football fan and with DIRECTV they’ve given me the ability to watch multiple games at once. Some may say I’m crazy for trying to watch eight football games at once, but to me it’s the most relaxing part of my day.Let’s not forget the DVR too. Over the last two years the DVR has saved my butt plenty of times, especially when my kids or wife are in the room. There really is nothing like being able to go back and watch what you’ve missed.

What do you think about the whole idea of watching TV on your computer? And what Web sites/services do you use?

Love this idea. I spend nearly 10-12 hours a day on the computer, whether it’s working from work or when I get home to work on  Having the ability to listen and watch sporting events from my computer is awesome. 

My first experience with this was when MLB.TV  first introduced their baseball package.  Although the first year wasn’t great, each year since they’ve improved the product  and made it well worth the price.

As the technology matures, it’ll allow us to fully function across the web and make the computer more of an entertainment center for those of us who spend numerous hours on it. We are already starting to see this evolution with sites like Hulu and ESPN360.  More sites over the next three years will pop-up and allow all us to enjoy the experience of watching programs on our computer.

What benefits of watching TV on the PC would you find most valuable to your readers and sports fans in general?

I think the biggest benefit for our users would be the ability to mash a program into an article, similar to what you can do now with YouYube ESPN’s Sunday morning Football show is a perfect example of where I think sports programming can go.  They take a slick product make it interactive and you have a formula for success.

If you won $100,000 but had to spend it in one day, what would you do with it?

The first thing I’d do is buy my dad a new Ford pickup. He’s been tumbling around in his truck for years and really needs an upgrade. Then I’d purchase a week long trip with my wife so that we could be alone for a few days with no one to bother us. Finally, I’d invest the rest into  There are so many opportunities out there that I think we as bloggers and site owners haven’t even begun to touch yet, and I would love to be the first to take our site to the next level.


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