Keeping it Real with Jon Woods – Co-Creator of The Ralphie Report

savoUpon moving to Denver, Jon Woods recognized a lack of online support for the University of Colorado Buffaloes. He suited up for the challenge and eventually launched The Ralphie Report, where he covers all things related to the local collegiate football team and has even had the opportunity to break a highly-anticipated recruitment story. His ongoing involvement in the fan community helped spread awareness of the blog in its infancy last summer, and quickly led to a thriving forum for Buffalo fanatics everywhere to discuss top prospects, share memorable videos, size up the competition and more.

It’s this passion for building a community that compelled Jon to the sports blogging arena, where he found a niche as a valuable driving force to excite the local Denver sports community and generate a digital groundswell. Check out his thoughts on the TV on Your PC movement and hopes for the upcoming season…

Tell us a bit about your favorite aspects of sports blogging and how The Ralphie Report was born.
It gives fans a previously non-existent forum to interact with like-minded sports fans all over the world.  People are passionate about sports and many fans have very insightful, interesting and just plain funny opinions and ideas about sports and these blogs give people a place to share and receive feedback that they otherwise wouldn’t get.

The Ralphie Report was born out of a lack of what I just mentioned above.  There wasn’t a place for us to go and talk about the Buffs outside of traditional media.  While newspapers and TV stations are starting to tap into ways for fans to share and comment on their content, there is nothing that fosters true interaction like this “new media”.

You mentioned that upon moving to Denver there was a need to rally the community of Colorado Buffaloes fans.  Have readers and/or locals responded to your enthusiasm around the football team?
I believe so.  As a fan of all sports, I know that I am constantly looking for more and more coverage of the teams that I follow and that applies nowhere more than in college sports.  Many of our readers and commentors are members of other Buffaloes message boards and forums but we are building a strong community on The Ralphie Report that will only continue to grow.

In addition to sports, you’re also passionate about other forms of entertainment and used to write a blog focused on music. How have you seen your blogging style transform as you moved into the sports arena?
Sports writing is much more absolute.  When writing about music there is a lot of opinion and emotion involved (e.g. how did this band or song make me feel or how was my mood effected or altered).  While there is certainly plenty of emotion in sports, there are always statistics and facts to back up your argument.

What do you think about the idea of watching TV on your PC? What benefits of this medium do you feel would be most valuable to your readers, and sports fans in general?
Sports are, by nature, a visual experience.  Whether playing, watching or remembering, you can’t experience a sporting event without seeing it with your own eyes and taking in all that goes into making the game happen.  TV on your PC can give us a superior way to provide our readers with the content that they want and much, much more.

What do you see as the Buffaloes biggest challenge heading into next season?
Staying healthy!  After losing almost 120 player games in 2008 we all would just love the opportunity to see what this collection of individuals can do on the playing field at full strength. If we can avoid the injury problems that plagued the team last year we should be a main challenger for the Big 12 North title.


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  1. Ryan b says:

    How insightful. The Internet is a better place because of people like jon.

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