Learning, Sharing and Collaborating at “The Pitch”

esp1601Windows Media Center once again hosted “The Pitch”- a local event that brings about bloggers, reporters and news enthusiasts to talk about a common topic: the media!

The event was hosted by Jason Preston of Eat Sleep Publish and created a discussion around new business models for news and new media. The recent restructure of the Seattle PI, definetely makes this a very hot topic among.  Our very own Ben Reed, Senior Product Manager for Windows Media Center at Microsoft, participated in a panel with Hanson Hosein, Director of the Master of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington and local tech blogger and radio host, Brian Westbrook. The three led a discussion around new business models for journalism. Although it wasn’t directly related to the newspapers,  Ben’s statistics on the increase in online video usage  showcased the rapid changes in changes of TV viewing habits.  As newspapers become digital and they beef up their video capabilities, online video will be part of the mix and we foresee that they will face the same monetization questions with vide3367604341_dcbe3f420711o than with print.

Several attendees of The Pitch emphasized the importance and success businesses have when focusing on “customization” and “experience” for the consumer. The discussion often times switched between personalization within devices and then different applications that give consumers the best technology experience they are looking for, these platforms maybe provide the solution to new busienss models to sustain journalism. Hanson reinforced that for any business model, one must incorporate multi-media strategy as statistics and studies prove that we are engaging and living more digitally.

Here are some comments we found around #thepitch

moniguzman: @jasonp107 is introducing ‘The Pitch’ at Lucid Lounge: ‘What’s the best biz model for journalism over the next five years?” #thepitch

ehelm: Catching up on backchannel from #thepitch last night. Much more talk about broadcast models than I expected. Many ideas mentioned briefly.

TeteSagehen: RT @moniguzmanUW’s Hanson Hosein (@hrhmedia) proposes a news consortium as biz model. ‘Whatever it is, it has to be multimedia.’ #thepitc3367615447_d9b25cd95312h

neighborlogs: #thepitch we treat classifieds like content for now. Might never get the $ back they used to represent
seattlestmvb: I vote yes on tax breaks for news orgs. Signed: MvB #thepitch

JJtweets: “bundling news” has always been the way to go. Cable TV providers have proven that bundling makes the most revenue. #thepitch
neighborlogs: #thepitch monetization opps not yet mentioned: biz directories, search networks, targeting data partnerships

BaronSchaaf: #thepitch Jason: If a news organization wants to make money, where’s the leverage? Advertisers: no.

Click here for a live stream of last night’s event, held at Lucid Jazz Lounge in the University District. If you would also like to see more photos of last night’s event, check out the TV on your PC Flickr account, here.


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