Obsessed with Sports (literally)

cropped-banner-resized31Our eighth TV On Your PC Sports Club teammate, Rory McGrath, is an all-around sports fan (and expert). His blog, Obsessed with Sports, includes a wide variety of sports coverage ranging from the NFL, MLB, College Hoops and even MMA.

Don’t let his young age fool you either (he just graduated college last year). Rory’s been writing and publishing since he was 14, and his long-time addiction to sports has made him a natural sports blogger.

Q. Why did you decide to start ObsessedWithSports?
I have been an avid sports fan my whole life. While attending the University of Massachusetts (2004-2008) I took notice of a new subculture of sports fans. These fans enjoyed looking in depth into the culture of sport and went beyond what the industry “leader(s)” offered.

By 2005-2006, through this counterculture websites began to sprout up in an effort to capture the essence of the truly passionate sports fan. I began contributing to various sites but always wanted a place to aggregate all of the thoughts I had on the subject. I found other people who had the same interest and for this reason OWS was born.

Q. What do you love the most about blogging about sports?
I was bit by the writing and web publishing bug at a young age. Around age 14 I started creating my first websites and have been addicted ever since. One of my other passions has always been sports. A sports blog seemed to be a perfect marriage of the two.

Q. With the continuing evolution of TV on the PC, how has your TV viewing experience changed over time?
The ongoing development of watching video on the PC has certainly changed the way people view TV in general. Just this past weekend I was out and the bar was showing SportsCenter muted. A clip from a press conference came on and without hearing a word I knew it was something that I was going to be searching for later that night on the internet. That is a luxury that was much more difficult a few years back and nearly impossible prior.

Q. What do you think about the whole idea of watching TV on your computer? And what Web sites/services do you use?
Watching TV on a computer is still not as convenient or comfortable as doing so on a standard television, although websites such as YouTube have definitely taken that next step towards increasing that convenience factor. There are a bunch of legal issues that arrive with many of these websites. However, I realized that watching TV on your PC was going to be here to stay when websites like Hulu came about. Those sites are backed by television studios and are 100% legal. Now, it seems that most major media outlets have some type of streaming video on their websites in an effort to compete with YouTube and the other broad video sharing websites.

Q. Do you see any advantages of watching TV on your PC vs. TV on the big screen?
There are advantages in regards to watching TV that can be present on the PC that are not available always on the common TV. Often times there is more choice when watching video content on the PC while watching on your traditional TV you are constrained to what the broadcasters are showing. Also, when watching TV on the PC there are often ways for you to interact with others who are watching the same show or video. That is something that TV does not have.

Q. How do you think sports fans are changing their TV viewing habits given the whole transition to online TV?
All of these changes in TV watching behavior definitely pertain to the sports fan. Whether it is watching live broadcasts or recaps from last night or last decade, the growth of internet TV has revolutionized the way we watch sports. ESPN has an online TV channel. The UFC has internet broadcast partners so fans can watch online. The major sports leagues over live broadcasts of all their teams’ games for the traveling fan. And of course YouTube and other video sharing sites offer endless content on any and all of your favorite teams or players.


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