The Seventh Man is from Michigan

prideofdetroit2Sean Yuille, blogger for and, is our seventh TV On Your PC Sports Club teammate and one of the hardest of hardcore fans when it comes to Michigan collegiate and professional sports. He’s also a freshman undergrad at the University of Michigan and watches plenty of TV on his PC in his dorm room.


Sean describes below how he watches TV on his PC and his thoughts on the evolution of TV habits in recent years. Read below!

Q. Tell us a why are you into sports media and how you got started blogging.
Originally blogging started out as a hobby and became a job once I realized it could actually bring in a decent income.  I also started blogging as practice for what at the time was my hopeful future career: sportswriter.  Now that hope has changed a bit with the traditional sportswriter job becoming far less prominent, but in a sense I am already a sportswriter.  In fact, most sportswriters’ work will probably be exclusively online in a few years anyways, so I guess you could say I’m ahead of the curve in that sense.

Q. Why do you think readers go to check out your blog, what are the top hits?
Readers of my Michigan blog ( check out my site because they know each day they will be able to find all of the latest information about Michigan football, hockey, basketball, and even other sports sometimes.  The information is usually presented in a daily post called “Quick Hits,” which is basically a bullet-style rundown of all the latest news.  On, my Lions blog, readers check out the site for both information and discussion..  Lions fans need a place to vent considering their favorite team went 0-16 last season, and Pride of Detroit provides a place to do just that.  It gives fans a place to share their opinions and talk about their favorite team.

Q. With the continuing evolution of TV on the PC, how has your TV viewing experience changed over time?
With limited space in a college dorm room, I’ve started using my computer as both a computer and a TV.  By using Windows Media Center, it’s like I’m using digital cable at home.  I have a program guide, a built-in DVR, and the ability to quickly get information on whatever I’m watching.  Probably the biggest change I’ve made over the years is not having to watch a show when it first premieres on TV.  Since my schedule changes so often depending on studying and homework or whatever, it’s nice to be able to set up a recording on the Media Center or simply go on the Internet the next day to watch what I missed.

Q. How do you think sports fan are changing their TV habits?

I would say that sports fans are changing their TV habits in a way that allows them to watch more sports.  With online streaming becoming so popular on the Internet, fans can now watch their teams no matter where they are in the world.  Just a few years ago most fans would be stuck listening to the radio or following a stat tracker if their teams’ game wasn’t on TV.  Now, though, ESPN and CBS stream games on the Internet, the site allows people to stream any sporting event going on (this allowed me to watch the Lions when their home games began being blacked out locally in the second half of the season), and just in general there are more opportunities to watch sports.

For example, just in 2007 many Michigan football and basketball games were televised by the Big Ten Network, which didn’t get picked up by Comcast, my cable provider, until 2008.  Because of that, I had to listen to many games on the radio or even worse, follow them on a stat tracker.  Had that happened again to me this past season, I would have been able to go to a site like and do a quick search for Michigan football.  Chances are, there would have been a few different streams of the game going on, allowing me to not miss a second of the action even though I didn’t have the channel.  I think as online streaming becomes more popular in the next few years, networks will start to stream all of their games online in a way similar to, which already does this with most of ESPN’s games.  There is a growing interest in watching games on the Internet, as the reality of any sports fan’s life is that they can’t always be at a game or near a TV.  Most of the time, though, they will have their cell phone with them or be able to fire up the laptop if they want to watch a game.  I think that sort of way of watching games will continue to become more and more popular in the coming years.


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