Sports on Your PC: The Networks Are Doing it Too

Right on the heels of our Sports Channel news comes an article from The Wall Street Journal, which takes a look at the growing amount of sports content available online and the implications this shift will have for TV networks and consumers alike. With Web-based subscription packages ranging everywhere from free to upwards of $100, major networks are getting in on the action. So, now the big question is…are consumers willing to pay a premium price for access to sporting events when and where they want or is “free” content still the number one motivator for watching sports via the Web?

With the recession causing consumers to take a closer look at entertainment spending, video quality has emerged as a key factor in deciding to watching sports online or via the TV. At the same time, broadband speeds are making it possible to stream high-def programming to the PC, making free, personalized applications like the Windows Media Center Sports Channel an ideal solution for consumers looking to cut costs, and yet maintain on-demand access to major events.

We want to hear your thoughts. Do you currently watch sports content online or on the TV?  If you could bring together all of your broadcast and broadband content in one place, would you be compelled to ditch a subscription-based service?


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