Introducing Teammate No. 5 – Jeff Clark

jeffhead1 Many have said that when it comes to loyalty, Celtic fans are at the top of their league. They are devoted, advocates and have begun to use the blogosphere to share their love of the team to an ever wider audience. Leading the pack is Jeff Clark, blogger and manager of the CelticsBlog, a site that is created by fans for fans and provides all news, stats, schedule and inside info into the life of the Celtics.

Jeff took some time to chat with us about his devotion of the game and how even through thick and thin, he’s remained a loyal Celtics fan to the end.

Why did you start blogging about the Celtics?

When I moved out of the Boston area, I wanted a place to talk about the Celtics with other Celtics fans. I started out on message boards and moved to blogging when blogs were first gaining popularity. Here’s an interview I did a while back that goes through some of the history.

It’s been a wild ride for the Celtics the last couple of years – going from being one of the worst teams in the league to trading for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen who successfully teamed with Paul Pierce to win another championship. Boston fans are passionate about their sports, and with that said, how did the Celtics’ return to glory affect traffic on your Blog? Are people engaging more or less than in years past?

Traffic has gone up somewhat the last couple of years, but I think that has a lot to do with the gaining popularity of blogs as much as it does with the success of the team itself. Interestingly enough, when the team was really bad 2 years ago, we still had one of the most popular NBA blogs in the world. The traffic wasn’t as big, but the debate and commentary was almost as robust as it is now. I guess you could say there was more to complain about back then, thus more conversation.

You mentioned you go to all the games with your pass, do you think people watch the Celtics online and if so do you have a sense of why and when they do?

To be clear, I have the NBA League Pass (TV) so I can watch all the games from home in Virginia. I do have a press pass I can use anytime I’m in Boston, but that’s not often. I’m sure that a lot of people watch the games online for a number of reasons. For example, sometimes my wife is using the only TV that has the League Pass activated so I watch the games on my computer (through the League Pass online account). It is a great setup and it works very well. Some folks outside the U.S. watch the games online because thats the only place they can see the games. I’ve heard about people on business trips logging in and watching the games online. In some cases, people might want to watch the game on the computer and chat with their friends on CelticsBlog on the same screen! I know some fans even edit their own highlight packages, break down game film, and produce video-mix tapes. The more video content the better.


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