The Sports Channel buzz!

sports-channel-4As you know, today Microsoft launched the “Sports Channel” application for Windows Media Center. It’s a great feature as you can watch coverage and get information and stats for all your favorite players. It’s fun, interactive and another way Microsoft is gearing toward providing the content we want!

From our launch today, we’ve received some extremely positive coverage from  Greg Sandoval of CNET News , Jason Chen of Gizmodo, Ian Dixon of The Digital Lifestyle, Arlen Schweiger of Electronic House and Dave Freeman of Crunch Gear.

From these articles, we have received great feedback from bloggers saying things such as:

God I love Media Center. It has seriously improved over the last couple of years. If this is anywhere near as cool as the Olympics app they have a winner here


“I never really used media center until recently. It’s kind of cool, I’m glad there are new add ons coming.”

We hope you enjoy the sports channel and find it a helpful and intriguing way to access and enjoy your sports content. And what better way to personalize your content than right around March Madness? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the channel. Any feedback is welcome post here, tweet us or you can use  plain-old email us at


2 Responses to The Sports Channel buzz!

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