Trendspotting- Online Video Momentum

Anyone who has browsed through the Internet or flipped on a TV channel knows that a current hot topic  is online video and connected entertainment.

Through entertain integration, consumers are no longer having to choose between their TV or their PC as they can rely on both to  access and enjoy their same entertainment content.

InformationWeek posted an interesting article, in which they note a study from Knowledge Networks that shows that online-video sites such as Hulu, have tripled in the last 2 years and now reach 28 % of Internet users ages 13 to 54. That’s a large age range, but it would be interesting to know the specific details on age, gender and region.

Interestingly enough, the article also notes that a majority of online video users (87 %), rely on these sites to watch current shows while 40 % use the sites to watch last season’s episodes. I have to wonder then, do those 40 % of viewers who watch old content rely on the TV to watch the shows on live time?

Is there a significant difference between watching an episode on TV at its scheduled hour as opposed to watching it later that week online? Is there a cultural and social change that occurs?

As we saw from our past Super Bowl poll, most readers watched the game live with close friends and family. We all know that it is a common American past-time, but aside from the game, it’s the social experience that elevates the situation. Is this the same for any television show?

Another interesting point in the article is that almost half of the Internet users who relied on online video sites received or sent links to their favorite shows online. This only reiterates the significance of online interaction. This behavior is taking over the “invite your friends for a night of TV” that we once knew so well.

Thoughts? How do you watch your favorite shows? If you do rely heavily on online video sites, what are your reasons? Financial? The ability to multi-task? Additionally, if you do spend a large amount of time online, do you try and reconnect and interact with friends as you would in person?


2 Responses to Trendspotting- Online Video Momentum

  1. ryaninc says:

    I think that online video has come a very long way. But it’s not there yet. Personally, we use Media Center to record live TV. There are some shows that we always watch live (Lost, The Office) because we like talking about them with friends the next day. For the rest, we just record to watch later.

    Don’t get me wrong, being able to watch recently missed episodes online is awesome and has saved us more than once when Media Center misbehaved. 🙂 But have you used ABC’s online player? Epic annoying. Having to click after every commercial sucks. Hulu is better, but the fullscreen view is unreliable and HQ view gets jerky sometimes.

    You just can’t beat the quality of real HD broadcasts. At least not yet.

  2. Adam Thursby says:

    We obtain a large amount of television programming that we watch online. The stuff we do watch from traditional broadcast TV (ie: cable, sat, OTA) is usually watched at least one if not several nights after the show actually airs. I know very few people who don’t use a DVR. Mainly older folks who never grasped the concept of the VCR.

    People who know me know we use Media Center to do this. Online content is the one place that Microsoft needs to improve MCE and quickly. People are going to have so many options soon that the leader that pioneered getting TV from your PC will be left behind.

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