Q&A with TV on your PC Teammate- Brandon Worley

headshot Brandon Worley is your average sports and hockey enthusiast, who after participating in many blogs, became a contributor to Defending Big D, a Dallas Stars blog in SB Nation. Now, Branden is a member of our TV on your PC Sports Club and is partnering with us to provide insight and a better understanding of how sports fans can better use Windows Media Center.

We chatted with Brandon a bit to learn more about his sports knowledge and interest and how he turned a passion into the voice behind a fast-growing and extremely popular sports blog.

We chatted with Brandon a bit to learn more about his sports knowledge and interest and how he turned a passion into the voice behind a fast-growing and extremely popular sports blog.

Tell us a bit about your background in sports blogging and how it turned into running DefendingBigD.com

It all started in February of 2008. I was a regular reader of the Dallas Cowboys blog Blogging The Boys and the manager there, Dave Halprin, put out a call looking for some guys to help write for his site. I sent in my application and he picked me up. I started writing 4-6 posts a week there and my focus was on writing original, objective analysis and musings on the Dallas Cowboys without letting my fandom interfere with my writing. In the Dallas Cowboys’ world so much is hinged on sensationalism and trying to make the wildest claims possible, I was proud that I became known for my level headed approach to covering the team. Daily traffic nearly tripled and BTB was cited several times across the web by mainstream sports websites. When the site merged with another highly-regarded Dallas Cowboys website, The Blue and Silver Report, Blogging The Boys became one of the most visited and popular team site on the web.

As 2008 came to a close, news began to spread that SportsBlog Nation was expanding rapidly and looking to fill in the few vacancies it had left, most notably in the NHL. I saw a chance to become an integral part of one the fast growing sports websites on the internet as well as become a manager of a well rounded, informative and professional Dallas Stars fan site. SBN picked me up and Defending Big D was launched on January 15th, 2009.

Dallas is often perceived as a football city. How does the Stars fan base measure up to the Cowboys?

Dallas will always be focused on the Dallas Cowboys. The franchise has one of the biggest fanbases in all over sports, all over the country, and the city of Dallas is pretty much obsessed with the Cowboys. The Stars franchise moved to Dallas in 1993 at the same time the Cowboys were in the midst of winning the Super Bowl in three out of four years. The game of hockey was foreign to the majority of those in the area yet fans flocked to see the new attraction in town. It helped that the Stars were a successful and thrilling team to watch, and no other sport allows the fan to get so close to the action as hockey. Immediately there was born a dedicated and loyal following of the Stars and the game of hockey.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex became Stars crazy as they made their run for the championship, culminating in a victorious parade in downtown Dallas after the Stars won the Stanley Cup. Since then, the Stars have been the most successful franchise in the area, moved into a brand new state of the art arena and continue to be one of the most consistent, highly attended teams in the NHL. In a city that is obsessed with winning, the Dallas Stars fit in perfectly.

With the continuing evolution of TV on the PC, how has your TV viewing experience changed over time?

With 99% of my work getting done on the computer I spend nearly all of my time in the office while at home. Yet I still love to watch TV and I still need to watch the sports games I yearn for all year long. So I always needed some place near my desk to prop a television so I could chat about the game with friends, do some work and watch the game all at the same time. Then when it became possible to watch TV on your computer it immediately merged the best of both worlds. I still enjoy taking my laptop into my living room to watch my big HDTV, but with high-definition functionality becoming available on computers I may not have to do that much longer.

What do you think about the whole idea of watching TV on your computer? And what Web sites/services do you use?

Obviously, I love it. I love being able to do work on the computer, watch sports games, and chat with fellow fans all on the same screen. For sports fans it’s like a dream come true. I use Windows Media Center and WinTV to watch normal television as well as Center Ice Online and MLB.tv to watch hockey and baseball games on the computer as well. This past season I even started to experiment with NBC and the NFL’s live game broadcast of Sunday Night Football, where the viewer can choose his own camera view. Very cool

What benefits of watching TV on the PC would you find most valuable to your readers, and sports fans in general?

For sports fans like me that don’t live in the same area as the team they love, it’s a blessing. The biggest advantage of my website and the others at SBN is to be able to join in conversation with fellow fans from all over the world. Living in Connecticut I don’t come across many Dallas Stars fans yet on my site I am part of a community of fans. It makes following the team much easier and even more fun when you can interact with fellow fans. The most popular feature on my website are the live game discussion threads, and being able to watch the game right on your computer in HD while chatting with fans on the site could be one of the biggest advantages of TV on the PC. I know a lot of fans would love to chat live about the game, but their TV is in another room and they can’t do both. Having the game on the PC would make that feature much more easier to enjoy.

What are your predictions for the remainder of the Dallas Stars’ season?

The Dallas Stars began the season with one of the worst starts in franchise history. They struggled to overcome injuries to some key veterans and fought with team chemistry after signing Sean Avery. Once Avery was suspended and the team got a few wins under their belt it started to turn around almost immediately. The Stars have put together a remarkable run the past two months to go from last place in the conference to sitting in playoff position. There is still a long and tough road ahead of them but this team has shown the ability to overcome obstacles and focus on what needs to get done. While I don’t see the Stars getting any higher than 5th in the Western Conference, once they get to the playoffs anything is possible.

Brandon is only one of our ten teammate to join the TV on your PC Sports Club. Visit soon to learn more about our other players and sports enthusiast who share their love for sports and technology!


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