WOW! Our little blog poll is in line with Nielsen

You’ve heard of ratings, right? In the TV and online world Nielsen is the boss of metrics. The industry lives or dies by these ratings, so Nielsen numbers are taken very seriously. We’re happy to announce that our little online poll raked in similar results as Nielsen’s Inauguration Day findings.


We both found that and were the Online destinations of choice in the U.S. to watch this historic event. Both sites provided a variety of sources and ways to enjoy the inauguration-whether through radio pod cast, live streaming or blogging.

A big part of this was that people had to go to work and be away from their TVs, but thanks to technology we didn’t have to miss this historic moment. When years go by, we will get asked “Where were you when Obama took his oath?” and many of us will say: “at work, watching it on my computer”.

Are you surprised by the findings?


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