Some WMC Love!

Wanted to highlight a recent post by Charles Sumpter of A Leader in the Making. Charles is one of our participating bloggers and recently used Windows Media Center and the MSNBC portal for the first time.

As a political enthusiast, Charles found the portal as a great tool to search for shows and clips related to his interests!

Furthermore, if you are like me, you like having everything at your finger tips, fast and easy. With WMC, you can do just that. There you can watch your favorite TV clips, watch the latest movie coming attractions (Great!, listen to music and see what’s going on in your neighborhood and around the world. What I also like about WMC is that its very intuitive. For someone who has never used a system quite like it, I was able to navigate through it with ease. It is so interactive and im my opinion represents the wave of future in how we view and transfer information.

Thanks Charles! We’re glad you’ve had a great experience thus far. Keep us posted =)


One Response to Some WMC Love!

  1. No problem, I will keep you informed of what I learn most from WMC!

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